The Two Week Challenge


I’ve been neglecting my blog again.  I suppose that’s good in many ways, because it means I’ve been busy and occupied and…employed.  So I’m going to fill you in as quickly as possible, to avoid wasting words (and time).  That way I can get back to the meaningless waffle that fills most of the white space on this blog, and tell you about some of the quirky things I’ve seen in and around London recently.  Scarily quirky.

So to cut a long story short, as soon as the very orange Easy Jet plane I left France on five weeks ago touched down on the Gatwick landing strip, I began a bit of a hard-core ‘Two Week Challenge’.  To translate; that basically involved finding a job in the food world, in two weeks.

You see, my sister had quite rightly reminded me that – being one of those disciplined, fresh-out-of-uni geeks – I work best where deadlines are involved.  If I wanted to do effective job hunting, she explained, I’d have to work against the clock.  And so she challenged me to find something exciting and rewarding in just two weeks.  She said it so casually too…

A challenge is a challenge and, being a bit stubborn, I took it quite seriously.  I spent 2 weeks meeting the most incredible foodie people, people I found totally inspiring to listen to.  It was 2 weeks of learning about new foodie careers; 2 weeks of following the passionate advice of brilliant, food business experts.  It was sort of like a treasure hunt.  I won’t go into the intricacies, but the whole process taught me how wonderful and generous people are with their own time, and how keen people are to help others to succeed.

Anyway, I followed lots of amazing leads, learning more than I can explain in this short blog post, and at the end of the second week, I had an exciting interview for a brilliant internship with the incredible new Shoreditch-based startup, Housebites.  And that’s where I am now!

Caught on Camera: the moment that the Two Week Challenge was completed!

Housebites is essentially reinventing takeaway; no more crappy, mass-produced, cold takeaway delivered to your door by something who doesn’t give a flying cowpat what he’s delivering.  It is the most ingenious idea: they have a network of brilliant chefs across London and Brighton, who cook delicious meals from their own kitchens, and then deliver it personally to locals in their area.  So you get to meet the chef who has personally cooked your meal!  It’s bringing the restaurant experience and quality into your home, for the price of a boring takeaway pizza.  Ingenious.  The chefs change their menus each week, cooking up the fresh, delicious, quality food they want to cook, and giving customers a brilliant range of choices…  So these chefs are effectively running their own businesses too.  It’s win-win for everyone, and it’s one of those delicious ideas which people kick themselves for not coming up with themselves.  To cut a long story short, Housebites has basically put the excitement back into food, and has made good, restaurant-quality food available to the masses.

I’m shamelessly advertising here, but the thing is, I’m just a bit over-excited about the whole idea at the moment.  And I have loved every single second I’ve spent at Housebites, so far.  Awesome team, awesome London location.

So there we have it: enough enthusiasm for a Tuesday night, I know.  I just had to get it out of my system, and now that it is, I promise to return to normal blogging.  In fact, I have quite a few adventures to fill you in on, including rapping policemen, dramatic falls, and huge water pipe explosions which left Sainsbury’s shoppers running through waterfalls.  But I’ll save them for another day.


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