The Cockroach Experience


One of my favourite sayings in the world belongs to Malcolm Muggeridge; “only dead fish swim with the stream”.  It’s kind of true, really. There’s nothing more annoying and uninspiring than people who always follow the current, alongside all the most uncreative people.

It was through refusing to be a dead fish that I came across the Science Museum’s newest venture, The Cockroach Experience.  The experience basically does what it says on the tin; you dress up as a cockroach, scuttle around the science museum looking a bit like a prat, point and stare at the other ‘humans’ in the museum, and resign yourself to looking at the world through the eyes of a cockroach, for 45 minutes.

Surreal?  Yes it was.  Worth it?  100%.

It’s supposedly an ‘adult only’ experience…something which baffled us a bit, seeing as we spent most of our time shifting slightly closer to the one child who was allowed to join the team, pretending we were only there for him.  However, once we’d got into character and perfected that cockroach scuttle (not as easy as might first be expected), the whole cockroach thing became a bit addictive.  The shells we were wearing was a bit OTT (humongous), as were the large cockroach heads, but the cockroach leader (our guide) got his way: I left thinking that humans are really weird, and should be avoided like the plague.

Anyway, the Cockroach Experience only takes place on weekends, and tickets are free.  All good things come to an end though, so if you want a massive laugh, then make sure you find time to do it.  And drag along someone who’d react really awkwardly when faced with a room full of curious museum attendants and a large cockroach costume.  45 minutes of your life that you will never forget.

Just visit – and watch the video, if you need more convincing…


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