A proper feast at Feast


Feast Festival: a bit of an epic food festival, filled with a handful of the most talented chefs from the finest, most up-and-coming restaurants in London.  It was a triumph of simple deliciousness.

We went yesterday evening.  Held in the 19th century Tobacco Dock, near Wapping, Feast was filled with food lovers and chefs alike, all wanting to have fun and celebrate a common love of food.  The food heroes present included Hix, Dishoom, Pizza Pilgrims, Bone Daddies, The Wright Brothers, The Meringue Girls, Annie Mac’s, Spuntino and Caravan.  And none were a let down..

meringues home

The beauty of food festivals is that you feel you’re sinning if you’re not eating at any point during the evening.  It’s sort-of ‘pressured eating’, and who could complain about that?!  So we tried Lebanese wraps, slow-cooked pulled pork subs (oozing sauce), BBQ mac n’ cheese, pizzas, ‘fish-dogs’, ceviche, rabbit.. everything.

Particular highlights for me included The Meringue Girls stall.  This was like a haven of happiness for a pudding-lover like myself.  They had hundreds of flavours of ‘meringue kisses’, including ‘Gin and Tonic’, ‘Lavender’ and ‘Hot Cross Bun’, all gorgeous and perfectly chewy in the middle.  It has in fact inspired me to go and do a bit of meringue flavour-experimenting at home, actually, which is (I suppose) one of the main points of these festivals; inspiring people to get in the kitchen and try it out themselves.



The other ‘gem of the night’ for me was the ‘fish-dogs’.  Sound gross?  Yes.  A hybrid hot-dog, really.   But they were essentially battered pollock inside a bun, with minted mushy peas and Tartar sauce.  As soon as the chef began to tell us how they were made, it became clear that they could never have not worked.  Especially as they were courtesy of the legendary ‘Hix’.  So yes, they too were out of this world (and will be mimicked at home).

It was so much less pretentious and expensive than ‘Taste of London’, which was really refreshing.  I’m already counting down the days until next year’s festival, though I’m going to have to be more efficient with getting tickets next time (they sold out pretty fast, and quite a few of my friends missed out).  It really was, and will be, the perfect evening of fun, frolicks and feasting.


UV ping pong

UV ping pong…epic. Epitomised the whole vibe there.


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